Canadian Ammonite 8(1271)

Ammonite #8(1271) Placenticeras meeki. Measures approximately 33.8 cm. (13.31″) in diameter. This ammonite displays excellent shape and is partially left in a concession. It has amazing colours, including burgundies, reds, oranges, golds, greens and some of the rare blues. There are also some of the intricate suture lines peeking through in areas. Along with a bitemark from a marine reptile, most likely from a mosasaur. This ammonite comes from the top of the Bearpaw formation at the Korite mine. Only in one small area of North America does one find this brilliant gemstone. Over millions of years, the nacre of the ammonite’s shell has been transformed to take on this wild range of iridescent colouring. It comes with a wood display stand and a certificate of authenticity. For international shipping, all customs paperwork is included. This specimen is registered with the Government of Canada and leaves the country with all the required permits and documentation.