Leaders in their field, decades of experience. KORITE’s team includes those from our mining operations to front-line service.

A message from KORITE’s CEO:

“We are grateful for the ongoing support of our employees, customers, vendors, landlords and shareholders, and we are excited to start the next chapter in KORITE’s 40-year journey. While Ammonite fossils are found on every continent, only in southern Alberta are they found with the distinctly bright, beautiful and iridescent colours that make it so rare, exotic and precious, dating back approximately 71 million years. We look forward to the next 40 years and helping to serve those who love Ammolite.”

David Lui, President & CEO, KORITE International

David Lui

CEO & President

John Issa

Fossil & Art Manager

Lucia Loffreda

Customer Success Manager

Evan Kovacs

Mine Foreman

Cory Hopfner

Fossil Production Manager