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Certified KORITE Ammolite & Ammonite are celebrated globally for their naturally captivating colour and layers of vibrant iridescence. Feel the energy.

The Seven Colour Prosperity Stone

Revered By Feng Shui Masters

KORITE Ammonite is a 71-million-year-old fossil, that through heat and pressure  created a geological wonder;  Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Many Feng Shui experts and energy practitioners believe the stone has absorbed the earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy, an energy also known as qi (ch-ee), that can be found in the multitude of colours in Ammonite. Our brain interprets light energy as colour, these colours each with their specific wavelength of energy can be used to balance our lives. There are seven distinct colours in Ammolite, hence the name Seven Colour Prosperity Stone. Each colour brings new meaning and significance to your life.

Ammolite's rare and natural form


Many Feng Shui masters and energy healers believe Ammonites and Ammolite absorb the knowledge of the universe. Its spiral pattern mimicsthe Fibonacci sequence or golden spiral and mimics the path the universe’s forces follow in space. Stored in the inner whorls, energy radiates out in this centrifugal motionfor the benefit of those near. Cosmic energy in this form enhances health, wealth and enlightenment.

Ammolite, the gemstone, is derived from Ammonite and also embodies the same positive energy for those who wear it.The rich colours stimulate creativity, energy, wisdom, intellect and wealth. Not only does the rare stone bring balance to a person’s body, but also to a person’s surroundings.

Chakras & Energy

KORITE’s Ammolite and Ammonites naturally are all one of a kind pieces. Each with their own colours, energy and allure. The seven colours of the seven chakras are all represented in Ammolite and this ancient fossil turned gemstone has great significance to those who understand the forces of energy in our lives.

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