More than 40 years. More than 28 countries around the world. KORITE is your source of superior Ammolite gemstones and Ammonite fossils.

Meet The Team

KORITE Ammolite, the leader in Ammolite

Since 1979, KORITE has been the home of superior Ammolite & Ammonites. We inspire the world with the rarity and beauty and Canada’s brilliantly coloured gemstone and world renowned fossils. KORITE was founded by Rene Vandervelde, a pioneer and legend.

KORITE began by following Rene’s philosophies of environmentalism, quality, discovery and integrity – today we continue to carry his legacy forward.

Superior Colour. Radiant Energy. Heirloom Quality.

A rich history of quality

Since 1979

Each of our KORITE Ammolite products are crafted by hand; each piece of Ammolite is individually selected and polished to bring out its unique colours, textures and patterns. Our Ammonite fossils and collectables are carefully unearthed, polished and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.

From its beginnings, KORITE has grown in operations, securing 90% of the world’s raw supply of Ammolite. We ethically mine the raw Ammolite to create jewellery and unearth fossils. Our products are loved the world over by fashionable people, lovers of colour and fine collectors.

Our passion – Our promise

These are the pillars that we have built KORITE on. They are our promise to you.
Ethical Mining

We have been formally recognized for our environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


KORITE continues to be a leading voice. In the Ammolite, Gemstone & Fossil community we advocate and implement best practices.


In 1981, Ammolite was officially designated a gemstone by CIBJO (World governing body for precious stone categorization).


Everything we do is quality. Our Jewellery has our Lifetime Guarantee and our fossils are certified and traceable.