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We are the largest legal source of Canadian Ammonites, Ammolite Gemstones and beautifully crafted Ammolite products. Protect your investment and choose KORITE.

Quality & Certified Ammonites and Ammolite for Discerning Dealers

Ethically mined. Fully registered. Legally exported.
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Superior Colour. Radiant Energy. Heirloom Quality.

KORITE is the leader in superior Ammolite & Ammonite products. Our fossils are certified, traceable and found in museums and private collections around the world.

Certified & Superior

KORITE's Ammolite and Ammonites are certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage. We have the largest supply of Ammonite Fossils and quality AAA, AA, A and Standard grade Ammolite.

Ethical Mining

KORITE works closely with provincial environmental officials to ensure that the land is restored to its natural state. KORITE will continue to set the Ammolite Industry standard in ethical mining practices.

Rare & Precious

Unique to the Bearpaw Formation of Canada, Ammolite is the result of tectonic pressure and mineralization that turned marine fossils into precious gemstones. 71 million years in the making.